First Steps to Selling Your Home

This past week my team (licensed assistant, house painter and home stager) and I visited clients at a house they are preparing to sell.

Since they will be living in the home while it is marketed, we wanted to help organize a punch-list of  items they should do to maximize their home’s value.

Just like on TV, there are some relatively inexpensive things you can do to make sure your home sells at the top of the range and in the shortest time possible. Plus, a clean, spruced up home will cause you less drama in the escrow process. And by drama, I mean less requests from the buyer for you to credit them money or make repairs.

We brought in a team of professionals to make assessments and then compiled an easy, organized to-do list for the project. Turn-key!

Here are some general guidelines courtesy of First American.

General Guidelines

  • Clean everything! Cleanliness signals to a buyer that the home has been well cared for and is most likely in good repair. A messy or dirty home will cause prospective buyers to notice every flaw.


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