If you are selling your home or just remodeling with an eye towards future market value, take heed of the Rule of KBCA:


Kitchens, baths and curb appeal is the mantra every Realtor, Home Stager, and savvy Home Seller should be chanting. These are the upgrades with the most bang for your buck.

Of course, you can over do it!
For example, if you are renovating a kitchen for sale, keep it simple, neutral and congruent with your home’s style and price range.

Just because you put a Wolf range in your studio does NOT mean it will sell for the price of a two bedroom! Taking the middle ground is usually a safe bet.

Check out Realtor.com’s helpful list of inexpensive ways to improve your CURB APPEAL. Daily Real Estate News April 10, 2007 Simple Ways to Boost Curb Appeal.

The outside of a home can be just as important as the inside in attracting buyers. Maureen Gilmer with the DIY Network offers the following five cheap and easy ways to improve curb appeal:

1. Edge it. Make the distinction crisp between lawn and flowerbed or sidewalk. Replace old edging materials with tumbled concrete payers — the heavier they are the better they stay in place
2. Mulch it. Cover bare ground with two inches of attractive mulch.
3. Stain it. Old concrete walks, steps, and planters crack, stain, and discolor. Cover them with new colored concrete stains. The result unifies paving and mimics more expensive stone.
4. Color it. Worn out fences can give the property a black eye. Stain them with muted colors like warm gray, soft green, antique gold, or subtle blue.
5. Plant it. Buy whole flats of six packs of single color annuals. Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Maureen Gilmer (04/07/07)

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