San Francisco has planned AND paid for improvements to Valencia Street between 15th and 19th Streets.

Yay! For full details, check out the SFGATE article.

Just don’t mind the typos…can you find the important labor organizer whose name is misspelled?

We think this is great. Wider sidewalks with more outdoor dining and pedestrian-friendlier routes? Sounds good. This area could stand a little clean-up.

Here’s a summary of what’s to come… No, the article doesn’t tell us when.

“The Valencia Street improvements will feature these changes:

81 new trees

46 new overhead sidewalk lights

32 new bicycle racks

3-foot wider sidewalks

5 new loading zones”

Of course, seeing as I am one of the bozos who double-parks to grab a slice at Arinell’s, perhaps I should hate this? City beautification? Increased public safety? More enjoyment of our fair San Francisco even on the sidewalk? Whatever. I want to be able to block traffic and get my slice.

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