So you want to boost your mobile marketing, right? That’s smart … mobile is the way to go, as mobile devices get wider and wider adoption.

And what’s the very first weapon you should fire off in your quest for the mobile reader? Wait for it … Email.

Sound crazy?

Mobile marketing is advertising that reaches you on your mobile device — the cutting edge where technology and marketing meet.

And email marketing is old-school stuff no one uses any more.


Well, no. 🙂

The fact is, for many users, email is the single most-used application on their smart mobile device. Email’s not tied to that old desktop, or even laptop any more. It’s following our readers wherever they go — so we need to make email marketing work better for mobile users.

Here are some ideas about how to make your email marketing work better for those on mobile devices.

It starts with a mobile-responsive theme

Before you can capture that email opt-in, you’re going to have to wow your audience with some great content.

To entice the mobile reader, that content has to look fantastic across a variety of mobile devices.

The first generation of “mobile-friendly” sites were a step in the right direction — clearing the clutter from sites and making them work better on a small screen. But too often, they discarded valuable elements — including sidebars with your email opt-in form!

The latest in web design recognizes that responsive is the way to go. These designs dynamically adapt to a variety of devices, so they always look great.

Read more about mobile-responsive design here: Why Generate is a Mobile-Responsive Design

Make your content highly shareable

Mobile readers are highly connected — and they love to share.

So to quote Bonnie Raitt,

Give them something to talk about.

Shareable content is useful — it makes readers’ lives better in some way. And it’s interesting.

Make your content entertaining and useful, and you’ll get talked about … and shared in social media.

Keep it snappy

It isn’t easy to keep the attention of your mobile readers.

Make it easier for them by keeping your content brief and to the point. Don’t ramble.

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, and use plenty of subheads to break the content up on the page. That makes it easy to skim and easy to follow for all of your readers, but especially those reading on smaller screens.

Building an email list is one of the best techniques around for monetizing a site, or for persuading readers to take action. And your mobile audience is growing every day. Capitalize on that and make sure your email marketing is effective mobile marketing.

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