Buying or selling a home over the winter in San Francisco has pros and cons. On the one hand, the market is traditionally slower with colder, wetter weather conditions and a busy social calendar for buyers and sellers. It can feel like a stressful time to add more to your plate and we’re not even talking about Aunt Fran’s honey-baked ham!

On the other hand, there are benefits to being motivated to buy or sell while others are distracted. Both buyers and sellers during the winter months generally mean business.

If you’re committed to buying or selling a home over the winter in San Francisco, take a look at the following tips for buyers and sellers of San Francisco real estate brought to you by our SFhotlist Team and Compass San Francisco.

“With fewer listings, sellers may have an advantage compared to the more competitive ‘spring’ market.” It’s presumed that winter is a bad time for real estate, so no one else is taking advantage of the window of opportunity that this misconception affords you — rise to the real estate challenge!” – Debbie Rutledge, Senior Sales Associate, SFhotlist Team

As a seller, you can be comfortable knowing that there are fewer “lookie lous” (hello neighbors!) wandering through your listing’s open house. The home buyers who come to the open house are typically serious, qualified, and ready to buy.

“Winter is a great time for buyers because there can be less competition, as many people are traveling during the holidays or busy with family and events.” – Debbie Rutledge, Senior Sales Associate, SFhotlist Team

As a home buyer, it’s a good time to shop for a home because the sellers tend to be serious about selling their home. December and January are not the time to “test the market.” While others are getting drunk on eggnog, you can be beating out the competition and moving into your fabulous new home in San Francisco with today’s low interest rates. (Spoiler alert — interest rates are going up in 2017!)

“I advise buyers to keep their home search going through the holidays, given that most sellers who are listing their property in November/December either have to sell before the new year or want to sell before the new year for tax purposes. Therefore, sellers can be highly motivated!” – Sasha Lupercio, Senior Sales Associate, SFhotlist Team

Staging Tips for the Winter Months

Staging a home in San Francisco is about making a buyer feel at home so that they imagine a happier, more successful life if they purchase your property! During the winter, it’s important to create a bright and cozy feeling — a new coat of paint, vibrant plants, and lots of lighting will invigorate the home buyer who might be feeling a little run down from the gloomy weather.

Be sure to spruce up the garden and outdoor areas as well. As we know, winter is our greenest season so take advantage of the opportunity to create a welcoming indoor and outdoor environment for the prospective home buyer.

Now IS a Good Time for Buying or Selling a Home over the Winter in San Francisco!

As busy local real estate agents keyed into the local market, our inbox fills up this time of year with off-market listing announcements and requests for off-MLS inventory for eager buyers. If you’re considering selling a home in San Francisco, it may be strategic to list it now. If you’re looking to buy, it’s a good time to get started and see if one of these off-market listings is the right home for you.

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